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Since our home and workshop lies close by the beautiful Teutonian Forest ecological aspects are very important for us.

The wood we use for our artful objects is locally grown. We take care for sustainable forest management as well.

For surficial treatment we use products of a German fabricator of natural colours. Not only environment benefits by that but also us because of the outstanding technical qualities. And you do not have to worry about your health.

For the production process electricity is needed. At this we use solely clean energy. To satisfy most of the needs of electricity we have a photovoltaic installation. The additional need is covered by 100% green power.

„Where wood is chopped, splinters must fall“. At our place you can take that literally. Chippings, usually a by-product, are used as a perfect heating fuel to heat up our workshop.

And our products of course come only with the most necessary packaging to your home.

Sternengasse GmbH
Brinkstraße 24
D 33829 Borgholzhausen

Phone: +49 54 25 93 32 55


Any questions? Please contact us!

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